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Is your air conditioning system ready for the upcoming summer? Have you done all that is necessary to prevent damage during the winter? Do you know what you have to do before you turn the air conditioning on for the first time this year? You can learn all of this and so much more by visiting my site. The tips, advice and information you find on my site will be valuable in many ways. You can learn a few things to do on your own to save a little money on your yearly use and maintenance of your air conditioning equipment.


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caring for your air conditioning equipment

3 Reasons To To Consider Reviving An Unused Fireplace In Your Older Home

DO NOT DELETE Before the advent of modern central heating, fireplaces were once a standard design feature that was included in almost every home. When these older homes were modernized with electric or gas furnaces or other types of dependable heat sources, many of these fireplaces were no longer used. Some went on to become purely decorative or began to be used only for special occasions, while others were sealed off and hidden behind drywall.

3 Main Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Are there any signs of your kitchen sink or bathtub clogging soon? Is water draining slower than required, or have you been using a plunger in your toilet more often? These telltale signs may appear to be trivial non-issues, but be very careful as you could be staring at a looming drainage crisis. Enlisting expert plumbers for your drains can avert significant problems and help you save more time and money.

3 Signs Your Electric Furnace May Have A Faulty Sequencer

Electric furnaces are deceptively simple heating devices, and this simplicity makes them very mechanically reliable. Unfortunately, they can still suffer from problems and malfunctions from time to time, and a malfunctioning furnace sequencer can undermine the heating power and efficiency of any electric furnace. What Are Electric Furnace Sequencers? All electric furnaces contain a series of heating elements, which function in a very similar way to the heating coils inside a toaster oven.

Should You Get A Heat Pump For Your Home?

If you are looking for a way to heat and cool down your home, you may think that your only option is to get a central air conditioner and a furnace. However, a heat pump can also perform both functions, even though the name implies otherwise. Here is what you need to know to help decide if you should get a ductless heat pump instead of a furnace and air conditioner combo.

HVAC Systems That Can Provide A Complete Heating And Cooling Solution

If it is time to replace the AC or furnace in your home, it may be time to replace them both. When replacing your entire HVAC system, there are modern solutions that can provide the heating and cooling you need. The following HVAC technology will provide your home with an efficient heating and cooling solution all year: Geothermal Residential Mechanical Systems Geothermal heat pumps are a great energy solution for the mechanical systems in homes and businesses.

Knowing When to Call a Professional for Your Plumbing Needs

The plumbing in your home needs to work correctly or many different problems can arise. Sometimes, something as simple as a sagging pipe or a partial blockage can affect the entire system. Calling a professional plumber to deal with these issues might be the only solution. Here's a look at common plumbing issues and how they can be addressed.  Sagging Sewer Lines The sewer line that all the drains in your home run into needs to have a pitch to work correctly, but if the line develops a sag in it, the low spot can trap water that will work as a sink trap and keep water from running through the line.

3 Different Air Conditioning System Leaks

There are different kinds of leaks your air conditioner can have. Each type of leak will need to be taken care of right away because the longer you wait, the more serious the issues can get. In order to learn more about some of the causes of leaks, the signs that your air conditioner has them, and what can be done about them, read on.  1. Water leaking from the air conditioner

2 Simple Monthly Maintenance Tasks for AC Units

As long as your central air conditioning unit is keeping your house as cool as you and your family desire, you may not give much thought to its overall condition. However, routine maintenance is important for keeping the system running smoothly as well as at optimal efficiency to reduce energy costs. While many tasks are best left to a professional service, there are a couple of things you can do monthly during the summertime to help keep the unit maintained.

2 Possible Reasons Why Your Central Air Conditioner Is Not Working Properly After A Severe Summer Storm

After a severe summer storm has rolled through your area, you may have discovered that your central air conditioning unit is either not working as well as it should or not working at all. If so, there are a couple of reasons for which you can check that could be causing the issue. 1.  Power Surge Has Overloaded the Electrical System If the storm brought with it a lot of lightning, one possible reason why your A/C unit is no longer working properly is that the electricity from the lightning could have caused a power surge.

The Basics Of Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance

With the spring weather finally giving way to the warmth of the season, there's never been a better time to start thinking about your annual air conditioning maintenance needs. In fact, most air conditioning contractors offer maintenance appointments at the start of the warm-weather season. If you're wondering what makes this type of appointment worth the expense, here's what you need to know. Why Schedule Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance? You may wonder why you should even bother with annual maintenance for your air conditioner.

No Ducts? Your Two AC Installation Choices

Have you decided to ditch the window air conditioners and install central air in your home? This can be a bit of a hassle if your home was not built with AC in mind and therefore does not have ductwork in place. However, there are two air conditioning options that work really well in homes without ducts. Here's a look at both. Ductless Systems If you do not want your installer to have to run anything through the walls at all, you can choose to have a ductless AC system installed.

Floor, Wall, Or Ceiling: Locating AC Supply Registers

The supply registers of your air conditioning (AC) system supply your rooms with cool and fresh air. Where you place the registers determines several things, including the cooling efficiency. The common locations include the wall, ceiling, and floor. Below is an overview of supply registers in each of these places, plus their significance. Floor Registers Floor registers make sense since they are relatively easy to clean in case they get dirty.

Troubleshooting Your Furnace Breakdown: 4 Tips

When your furnace breaks down, it can be a little bit scary, especially when it's the middle of winter. Those cold nights can get really cold when you don't have any heat in your home. No heat can also cause other issues with your home, such as frozen pipes, which can lead to burst pipes and water damage in your home. If you end up with these problems, it can be costly to repair, not to mention the cost to repair your furnace.

Know When To Replace Your Boiler To Keep Your System Efficient

The boiler in your home will last about 15 years. Your boiler will often show signs that it is starting to wear out, and it is a big part of your energy costs every year. When your boiler is not efficient, you can see your utility bills rise out of control. Your boiler should be serviced every year to test for efficiency and prepare your boiler to work hard when it comes to heating your home in the cold weather.

3 Air Conditioning Tips for Pet Owners

When you think about taking care of your air conditioning unit, you might not usually think much about how your unit might be impacted by your pets. However, you should realize that there are certain tips that homeowners should follow in regards to their AC units. You might just find that these tips for pet owners will help you with air conditioning maintenance. 1. Change Your Air Filters More Frequently

Things To Have Checked Before The Installation Of Your New Central AC

You might be very excited to have your new AC system installed. However, before that day comes, there are a few things that you are going to want to have checked. This will ensure that the day of your AC installation will go as smoothly as possible. Continue reading for more information. The Condition Of The Duct Work In Your Home Even if your home has never had central air conditioning running through it before, it should still have ductwork in place if it has a forced-air system to keep the house warm during the winter.

Are You In Need Of Refrigerator Repair?

Out of all of the appliances in your house, the refrigerator is definitely one of the ones that you rely on the most. For the most part, refrigerators have a decent life expectancy and offer a cool, safe environment for food to remain fresh and frozen until needed. Over time, though, your refrigerator may need service. Unusual Noises Screeches, bangs, and whirring as well as any other weird noises coming from your refrigerator are all indicators that your appliance is in need of repair.

Handling Furnace Installation And HVAC Maintenance

Furnace installation is the type of repair that you'll need to stay on top of if you hope to get through the winter and fall without issues. Buying heating system repairs will allow you to keep your household in great condition, and ensures that you're able to manage your energy bills and household comfort. Consider the following information in order to get the best service possible for your home.  Get rid of any draft areas in your house to get rid of the bitter temperatures

3 Mistakes To Avoid Making With Air Conditioning This Summer

On a hot day, it can feel incredibly refreshing to walk into a beautifully air-conditioned space. In addition to enjoying cooler temperatures, properly air-conditioned spaces are also lower in humidity, helping you to enjoy an indoor climate that feels crisp and comfortable. However, simple homeowner mistakes could hamper the functionality of your air conditioner. Here are three small mistakes to avoid making with your air conditioner this summer. 1. Crowding Your Home

How To Increase Office Productivity

When you're in charge of managing an office, your employees' performance reflects directly on you. It's up to you to motivate them to do their best. This can seem like a daunting task at times, especially when it comes to balancing productivity and morale. Fortunately, you can increase both productivity and morale simultaneously with these four tips: 1. Allow your employees to eat at their desks. Some offices prohibit snacking during work hours due to fear that employees might take advantage of this practice.

3 Steps to Clearing Your Sewer Main Line

If you are having problems with your toilet backing up and not flushing, you may think that it's just a small problem with a clog and that you can plunge it away or use drain cleaner to get rid of it, but if you notice that you have stuff backing up into your bathtub or bathroom sink as well, it could be that you have larger problems. It could be that you have a clog in your sewer main line, and that is a whole other kettle of fish.

How To Save Money On Cooling Costs This Summer

When it's over 100 degrees outside and you're sweating, the last thing you may be worried about is saving money-- that is, until you get your electricity bill. If you are worried about practically going broke in order to keep your house cool, then this article is just the thing for you. From programming your thermostat to getting your AC unit inspected, this article will list a few ways for you to save some money on cooling costs this summer.

4 Reasons To Replace Your Space Heater

Heating your home is necessary to stay comfortable in the winter. Many people turn to space heaters for their temperature control needs, but there are several reasons why this is a bad idea. Here are four reasons you should consider replacing your space heater with central heating: 1. Space heaters cost more money in the long run. Some people find electric space heaters appealing due to their cheap price. While it's true that you can find a space heater for under $50, you won't save money in the long run.

5 Reasons To Make A New Air Conditioner Your New Year's Resolution

With the advent of the New Year comes a long list of resolutions to be made, whether it involves losing a few pounds, taking up a new hobby, or finally finishing up that project you've been working on for eons. Adding a new air conditioner to that list makes sense, but it's often the last thing you'd think about until you're in desperate need of one. Right now is a great time to invest in improvements to your home's heating and cooling, including an upgrade to your current A/C equipment.

Common HVAC System Issues To Know About

Although an HVAC system is one of the most luxurious things to have in a house when it comes to fluctuating outside temperatures, it can cause frustration as well. For instance, many things can become problematic with an HVAC system that causes a homeowner the continuous need to spend money on repairs. In some cases, it is wiser to get a new system installed rather than making repairs, such as when you have an old system.

When To Call Your HVAC Contractor

There are some things that re really easy to do around your house on your own like changing a light bulb but here are some other things that re a bit more difficult like taking care of your furnace. Luckily, there are HVAC contractors that can help you with all of your heating and cooling needs so that everything runs properly. Because winter is just around the corner, this article will take a closer look at some reasons why you may want to call an HVAC contractor. Read on to learn a little bit more.

Fan Coil Units: A Primer

If you are responsible for large scale commercial or residential building maintenance, then it is likely that you have come across fan coil units, commonly referred to as FCUs, as a heating and cooling solution. Fan coil units are relatively simple devices that help cool or heat fresh air that will be circulating through the living spaces of a structure. Fan coil units are commonly found in a wide variety of applications across commercial, residential, and industrial spaces.

Dealing With An Old Heating System When First Moving In

Purchasing and moving into an older home will require good inspection before you attempt to settle in. Everything from the floors, the ceiling, and roof to the HVAC system needs to be inspected prior to moving in. When you purchase an older home, the parts of some systems are likely to be older. Even if the home passed inspection by the mortgage and insurance company, you may still want to make changes and tune-ups before you settle into your place.

Why You Need Commercial AC In Your Warehouse

Box fans and ceiling fans aren't enough to manage the temperatures and other air quality issues in your warehouse. Discover why you need to invest in commercial air conditioning for the safe operation of your company. Ventilation Commercial air conditioners work by filtering air through your warehouse via vents. These vents pull cold air from the large AC unit(s) and disperse it into the air. Ventilating your hot and stuffy warehouse is important for your employees and the inventory you have within the large facility.

Just A Little Cooler: How To Help Your AC Keep You Cool This Summer

Now that summer is here, things are going to be heating up. Whether you're dealing with 100 degree temperatures in Kansas City or 115 degrees in Palm Springs, you want your home to stay cool. Unfortunately, it's not always possible for your air conditioner to keep up with your constant demand for cool air. Before you get mad at your air conditioner, you might want to take a look around your house.

Believing These 3 Myths About Air Conditioners Can Cost You Money

You rely on your air conditioning unit to keep your home at a comfortable temperature on hot summer days, but how much do you know about how it works? What you don't know may be costing you money by increasing your monthly energy bills or causing hidden damage to your air conditioner. To help you understand more about your air conditioning system, here are three common myths about air conditioners that lead to damage and energy inefficiency:

Avoid Plumbing Mishaps Associated With Your Preschooler's Interest In Water And Faucets

If your preschooler is inquisitive and lately has been watching in awe as you fill the bathtub with water or wash dishes after meals, you may be concerned about your child getting into mischief if they decide to turn on faucets without your knowledge. Avoid mishaps that include clogged drains, an overflowing tub or basin, or a water-related injury with the tips that follow.  Discuss The Importance Of Safety Speak to your child about some of the hazards associated with the improper use of household plumbing.

Your Air Conditioner Is Freezing Up For These Two Reasons

An air conditioner is supposed to keep your home cool during hot days, but it shouldn't do that by turning into a mechanical popsicle. Unfortunately, sometimes A/C units will literally do just that by freezing up. Here are two reasons why this may occur and what you can do to fix the problem. The Drain System is Clogged Air conditioners produce a lot of water, because their job is to removed moisture from the air, which helps cool the home.

3 Important Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Are you someone who prefers the cold of winter to the heat of summer? Have you made sure that your air conditioner will work next year so that you're more comfortable? Whether you actually like summer or not, having a working air conditioner can mean the difference between comfort and misery during the summer months. While it's not difficult to keep your air conditioner in working condition, here are some things that you should have done or that you need to do before spring and hot weather arrive once again:

Window Of Opportunity: How To Make Sure Your Small Window Unit Cools Your Studio Apartment

A studio apartment may be the perfect place to start out in. Although studio apartments are typically one large room aside from the kitchen and bathroom, studio apartments are perfect for many people. If you spend a lot of time away from home, if it is just you and your dog, or if you prefer a place that is lower in cost but in a certain type of community, a studio apartment is perfect for you.

3 Heat Exchanger Problems That Could Affect Your Furnace

Just as your air conditioner relies on its evaporator and condenser coils to transfer heat, your furnace relies on its heat exchanger to transfer heat from passing exhaust gases to your home's indoor air. While heat exchangers are usually reliable, they can fall prey to a number of problems that could ultimately get in the way of heating your home effectively. The following not only talks about three of the most common problems you can face with your heat exchanger, but also how you and your HVAC technician can work to resolve these issues and keep your furnace operating as normal.

What You Should Be Doing To Get Your Air Conditioner Ready For Winter

As the crisp fall weather settles in and you are ready to break out your sweaters and cozy up in front of a nice warm fire, there are many steps you will also need to take to get your home ready for the change of seasons. One of the systems that you will need to prepare for winter is your air conditioning system. While many people tend to just switch their thermostat over to heat and forget all about their air conditioner, this can actually be detrimental to your air conditioning system.

Three AC Mistakes That You May Be Making

No one wants their home's air conditioner to break down during a summer heat wave, but it's often simple homeowner mistakes that lead to AC problems. This doesn't have to be the case, though. By knowing the most common mistakes you can actively take steps to avoid them. #1: Closing too many vents It's common practice to close the vent and registers in rooms that aren't being used in an effort to save on cooling costs.

3 Ways To Help Keep The Air In Your Home Clean

Minimizing indoor air pollution is something many people don't give a lot of thought to beyond the obvious fixes such as not allowing smoking. However, there are other contributory factors to bad indoor air quality. Airborne fungal spores and pollen, dust mites, certain types of household products containing chemical compounds, and carbon monoxide produced by fireplaces, woodstoves, gas ranges, and space heaters are examples of other causes of bad indoor air quality.

Why The Installation Area Of Your New Air Conditioner Matters

A central AC installation is an applied science. It cannot be installed just anywhere around the base of your home. Selecting the correct location depends on a number of factors. Here is why the location matters so much. Traveling over Distances The outdoor unit and electrical connections should be placed as close to your forced air furnace as possible. This usually rules out one half of the area of your foundation.

When Is A Window Air Conditioner Actually A Better Choice?

If you look through home improvement magazines and talk to real estate investors, it may seem like upgrading to central air conditioning is always the right choice... as if window air conditioners are somehow undesirable or inferior. It is true that in many cases, a central air conditioning system will keep your home more evenly cool and also require less maintenance than a set of window units. However, to declare window-based air conditioners completely obsolete or useless is an exaggeration.

A Few Tips For Caring For Your Boiler Heating System

Boiler systems are an extremely durable and efficient way of providing heat for your home's interior during the coldest days of the winter. However, a boiler system will have very different care needs compared to a traditional forced air heating system, and you must make sure that you are meeting its needs. Care For Your Radiators For a traditional boiler system, the radiators in the interior of the house will be essential for distributing the heat that is produced by the system.

Strange Allergy Symptoms? You Might Have A Dirty Cooling System

If you develop a severe cough, postnasal dripping, and a stuffy nose that only go away when you physically leave your home, you might have a dirty cooling system. Cooling systems rely on air ducts, vents, and an air handler to work properly. These parts can build up with dirt, pet hair, and numerous other contaminants throughout the year. The contaminants can invade your house and cause allergy symptoms similar to yours.

It's Not Working Like It Used To: 4 Signs You Need A New Air Conditioner

If you've been contemplating a new air conditioning unit for your home but you're not sure you need one, there are some simple ways of identifying when you need a new one. Having your air conditioner replaced can be a costly venture. However, not having it replaced can be even costlier, especially if you're constantly dealing with repair costs. If you're not sure your air conditioner will make it through another summer without a breakdown, it's time to consider a replacement.

About Air Conditioning System Problems

Does your loud air conditioning system have to be on for a long time before cooling your house down to a comfortable temperature? You are dealing with two problems that are in need of attention. For example, you will need a diagnosis for why the system runs in a loud manner, as well as why you must run it for an unusual amount of time. The best way to pinpoint problems is with help from a professional air conditioning repair technician.

3 Signs That Your Central Heating And Air Unit Is Too Small

Central heating and air systems come in all different sizes. When choosing the right unit for your home, it's important to take your home's square footage into consideration. Although you might have always assumed that your existing system is the right size for your home, this might not be the case. These are a few signs that it might be too small and that you might need to talk to an HVAC technician at a company like Ricotta Heating & Air about installing a new, bigger unit in your home.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing AC Filters

Ideally, you should not rely on price when selecting a filter to use in your air conditioning (AC) system. There are other more important factors that will help you get the right filter, which differs from household to household. Here are three crucial parameters you need to consider: Mode of Operation Filters come in two basic modes of operation, which are electrostatic and mechanical modes of capture. The mechanical filters are meshes with small holes that allow air to flow through but trap particles bigger than those holes.

Preparing Your HVAC System For A Summer Vacation

As the weather begins to warm, many people begin to plan their next vacation. There are many details to consider when you are planning a summer vacation, and one detail often overlooked is the preparation of your home's HVAC system. Here are three simple things that you can do to ensure your HVAC system continues to run properly while you are out of town on a summer vacation this year.

Air Conditioner Installation: Placement Matters

When installing an air conditioning system, it is important to ensure that the different parts of the system are placed in such a way as to ensure optimum performance. Here is what you should know about the relationship between where you place an air conditioner part and its performance. Outside unit placement The outside unit of an air conditioning system is responsible for cooling the liquid refrigerant. This is a process that is necessary so as to ensure that by the time the refrigerant reaches the evaporator coil, it is cold enough to effectively cool the air passing over the coil.

Can Using A Portable Or Window Air Conditioner Save On Energy Costs?

Nearly everyone enjoys saving a few dollars on their energy bills, but sometimes it is difficult to figure out exactly what you need to do to trim the costs. Using a portable or window air conditioner during the summer, even if you have central air, may be a cost-effective choice for you. Consider these ways you can cut the costs of cooling your home with a portable or window air conditioning unit.

How Your Air Conditioner Can Cause Your Electric Bill To Skyrocket

Obviously, your electric bill will increase when your air conditioner is working full force.  That's to be expected. But when your electric bill ends up being extremely higher than you expect, it may be time to do a bit of investigating to see if there's something wrong with your air conditioning system. Here are a few things that could cause your air conditioner to use more electricity than it should. 

An Audible Guide To Air Conditioning Problems & Repairs

For many people, there is a specific soundtrack to summer that comes each year. The sounds of lawn mowers, sizzling grills, and air conditioners churning out cool air through a home are just a few of these sounds. When listening to an air conditioner, it's often easy to notice sounds that you're not used to hearing. By recognizing these sounds early on, you can determine if there is a problem with your air conditioner and find a variety of ways to help fix it.

Understanding Steam Shower Installation For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

If you've been thinking about remodeling your bathroom, one of the things you should think about is integrating a steam shower. Steam shower enclosures are over-sized shower units that feature tight seals on the doors so that the steam can build up inside the walls of the enclosure. The steam produced can open your pores, stimulate your metabolism and even soothe achy muscles. Before you try to install one, though, you should understand some of the components that you'll need for the steam shower to function properly.

Prep Your Air Conditioner For Spring By Cleaning The Evaporator Coil

Winter weather is in full swing, but it's only a matter time before you'll need your air conditioner again. Before you make the big switch from heating to cooling, you want to make sure your air conditioner has all of its maintenance taken care of. That includes cleaning several portions of the air conditioning unit including the evaporator coil. The Importance of Cleaning the Evaporator Coil Instead of adding cool air into your home environment, the typical air conditioner removes latent heat from surrounding indoor air as a part of a subtractive process.

How to Maintain & Clean the Combustion Chamber of Your Oil Boiler

If you have an oil boiler in your home with a hot water system, then you may need to complete a bit more maintenance than if you had a gas or electric appliance. This fact is directly related to the oil fuel and how it burns, flows, and leaves deposits behind. In general, you will need to clean parts of the system. This is wise when the boiler cycles too quickly, fails to turn on, or does not produce enough heat.

For Best HVAC Efficiency Look To Your Window Coverings

You can join the going green movement, save money, and enjoy fashionable interior design all at the same time. Are you wondering what these three things have in common? The answer: improved heating and air conditioning efficiency. You will reduce heat loss and gain in your home, extend the life of your HVAC system, and have a great looking home if you take a thoughtful approach to your window coverings.

DIY Plumbing - Maintaining And Changing The Grinding Teeth In Your Garbage Disposal

If you own a home, then you have a variety of sinks, drains, faucets, and plumbing appliances that can fail over time.  All plumbing fixtures and appliances require maintenance and regular upkeep so you can make sure they are working correctly.  You may want to hop over to this site or hire a plumber to inspect and maintain more complex air conditioning systems and water heaters, but you can take care of smaller devices yourself.

Could Sewer-Powered Heating And Cooling Be In Your Future?

If you've ever thought about switching your home from traditional electric or gas heat to an alternative energy source, you may have gone beyond solar power to consider geothermal, hydroelectric, or wind power. Although hydroelectric power is one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources available, unless you live on property with a steady stream, you may believe this option is out of reach. However, a new system at the University of Nebraska is actually allowing the college campus to be heated and cooled by the students' own (treated) wastewater.

3 Air Conditioning Options For Old Houses

In newer homes, central air conditioning is often installed from the start, and if not, the house is usually set up to accommodate central air conditioning. Cooling an old home is trickier. Old houses often don't have the necessary elements in place for central air conditioning, and taking out walls to install ductwork is expensive and time consuming. However, that doesn't mean that your house has to be uncomfortably hot all summer.

Airflow Problems? Reseal Your Ducts With This Handy Guide

Having a central HVAC system can be an amazing way to provide your home with climate-controlled temperature regulation and fresh air. If you've noticed issues like poor temperature regulation or stale air, the problem may be associated with your ductwork. Cracks or breaks in the seals found at the junction of each individual section can allow air to escape, creating poor airflow throughout your home. Learn how to save money by identifying and fixing broken or cracked ductwork in this easy-to-follow DIY guide.