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caring for your air conditioning equipment

No Ducts? Your Two AC Installation Choices

by Amy Henry

Have you decided to ditch the window air conditioners and install central air in your home? This can be a bit of a hassle if your home was not built with AC in mind and therefore does not have ductwork in place. However, there are two air conditioning options that work really well in homes without ducts. Here's a look at both.

Ductless Systems

If you do not want your installer to have to run anything through the walls at all, you can choose to have a ductless AC system installed. Basically, this type of system has an outdoor condenser unit like you would have with a standard, ducted system. But instead of that cooled air being forced though ducts, it is forced through the walls of your home via an appliance known as an air handler.

The air handler is long and skinny, and it is typically mounted high on the wall, near the ceiling, so that it is out of the way. Most homes are fitted with at least two air handlers to ensure even cooling. Ductless systems are quick and easy to install since your installer really only needs to cut a hole in the wall for each air handler. They're also affordable and really energy-efficient, although they may not cool as evenly as other types of central air systems.

Small Duct Systems

There are a couple big brands of these systems, but they all are built around the same premise. The cooled air is forced through skinny tubes rather than big ducts. These tubes are pretty easy to feed through your walls; your installer only needs to make a hole that's about an inch in diameter to insert one of the small ducts. This is a lot less work than it would be to install full-size ducts!

Small duct systems allow for more even cooling than ductless systems since you can have a vent in every room. Their downside is that sometimes the air makes a whistling noise when running through the pipes. Also, they take a little longer to install, so you might pay a bit more for installation than you would pay with a ductless system.

If you don't have ducts, you can still have air conditioning. Talk to your AC installation technician to learn more about these two very viable air conditioning options. They can help you choose the better option for your unique needs.