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caring for your air conditioning equipment

Floor, Wall, Or Ceiling: Locating AC Supply Registers

by Amy Henry

The supply registers of your air conditioning (AC) system supply your rooms with cool and fresh air. Where you place the registers determines several things, including the cooling efficiency. The common locations include the wall, ceiling, and floor. Below is an overview of supply registers in each of these places, plus their significance.

Floor Registers

Floor registers make sense since they are relatively easy to clean in case they get dirty. You don't need a ladder or any other climbing tool to clean or maintain the floor register.

Unfortunately, floor registers are not that good for cooling. Cold air is denser than warm air. Thus, cold air coming out of floor registers will just settle on the floor and only rise after getting warmed up. Thus, the floor registers might not cool your house effectively.

Not only that, but floor registers also gather considerable dust. Most dirt particles are heavier than air molecules, so the dust will settle after some time. Lastly, it is relatively easy to block floor registers with household items.

Ceiling Registers

Placing supply registers in the ceiling allows cold air to saturate the entire room. The dense air will be falling and settling down as the warm air rises.

The ceiling registers also free up floor space. The freed-up space is a huge deal if you have a small house. You also don't have to worry about blocking the registers with furniture or other household items. Unlike floor registers, ceiling registers don't gather as much debris as floor registers.

The main problem with ceiling registers is their placement height. The location makes the registers difficult to clean or service.

Wall Registers

Some people opt for wall registers as a compromise between floor and ceiling registers. Besides, you can decide how high or how low you can place your wall registers. This is unlike floor registers, which must be on the lowest part of the room or ceiling registers, which must be on the highest part of the room.

Unfortunately, many people find wall registers aesthetically unappealing. What is more, you can't hide a wall register behind artwork or decorations — you must leave them free to encourage air circulation. 

Hopefully, you will select the best place for your AC's supply registers for your climate. Don't forget that the supply and return registers work together, and both need proper placement. Luckily, an experienced AC technician will help you get the placement right for both registers. Remember this when you plan your AC installation.