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caring for your air conditioning equipment

Know When To Replace Your Boiler To Keep Your System Efficient

by Amy Henry

The boiler in your home will last about 15 years. Your boiler will often show signs that it is starting to wear out, and it is a big part of your energy costs every year. When your boiler is not efficient, you can see your utility bills rise out of control. Your boiler should be serviced every year to test for efficiency and prepare your boiler to work hard when it comes to heating your home in the cold weather. Once you start to have frequent repairs or your boiler's efficiency is costing you too much in utility bills, it's time to consider a new boiler installation.

The Age of Your Boiler

How long your boiler will last depends on what kind it is. Cast iron boilers are no longer used frequently, and some have lasted up to 50 years. Current condensing boilers have only been around for a short time so it can be difficult to determine how long they will last. However, they should last about 15 years with good maintenance. In general, the older your boiler is, the more likely it will need to be replaced in the near future.

Your Energy Bills

If you suddenly have a sharp rise in your energy bills, it's time to take a good look at your boiler. If your boiler is starting to fail, it will take a substantial amount of energy to keep it productive. If you have an older boiler and your bills are rising, you may need to have a new boiler installed in your home.

Frequent Repairs Are Needed

As your boiler gets older, it will need to be serviced more frequently. If you are consistently calling for repairs and you continue to pay for emergency visits to your home, you may want to consider a new boiler. You'll spend less money on repairs and you will have a more efficient system in place.

Temperatures Between Rooms Fluctuate

You may need a new boiler installation if you can't seem to get an even temperature in your home. As your boiler system gets older, the controls and the entire unit become less effective.

If you have a boiler that is older than 15 years and you have had frequent repairs, you probably need a new boiler installation. Get your boiler serviced annually, and get the efficiency tested. If you are wasting too much money on utilities, consider a replacement instead.