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caring for your air conditioning equipment

3 Air Conditioning Tips for Pet Owners

by Amy Henry

When you think about taking care of your air conditioning unit, you might not usually think much about how your unit might be impacted by your pets. However, you should realize that there are certain tips that homeowners should follow in regards to their AC units. You might just find that these tips for pet owners will help you with air conditioning maintenance.

1. Change Your Air Filters More Frequently

Failing to change your air filters often enough can negatively impact your indoor air quality and your air conditioning unit itself. Even if you think you change your AC unit frequently enough, chances are that you should be changing it more frequently if you are a pet owner. This is because pet hair can find its way into various parts of your air conditioning unit. If you change your air filters more frequently and make sure that you use good-quality air filters, then you can help prevent pet hair from causing problems with your AC unit.

2. Have Your Ducts Cleaned Occasionally

Another thing that you may need to do as a pet owner is to have your ducts cleaned from time to time. This can help with getting rid of any pet hair and dander that might have found its way into your ducts. It will also help with dirt, debris, mold, and more. This can help your air conditioning unit run more efficiently, can help you cut down on dusting and sweeping that need to be done throughout the home and can help you improve your home's indoor air quality.

3. Keep Your Pets Comfortable Always

Although it is smart to adjust your air conditioning so that it doesn't run all day while your home is empty, you should think about your pet's safety and comfort. Although you might not want to maintain the same temperatures in your home that you would while humans are present, you may want to keep your AC unit on during the day so that you can keep your pet comfortable and safe. This is particularly important on really hot days.

As a pet owner, you will probably want to keep the tips above in mind. Then, you can make sure that you keep your air conditioning unit in good condition while keeping your pet and your family comfortable throughout the year. If you need further assistance, just contact your local HVAC contractors.