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caring for your air conditioning equipment

5 Reasons To Make A New Air Conditioner Your New Year's Resolution

by Amy Henry

With the advent of the New Year comes a long list of resolutions to be made, whether it involves losing a few pounds, taking up a new hobby, or finally finishing up that project you've been working on for eons. Adding a new air conditioner to that list makes sense, but it's often the last thing you'd think about until you're in desperate need of one.

Right now is a great time to invest in improvements to your home's heating and cooling, including an upgrade to your current A/C equipment. If you're not convinced, then consider the following reasons you should make getting a new A/C system one of your New Year's resolutions for 2019.

1. Your Current System's Performance Doesn't Cut It

Your air conditioner is one of the hardest working appliances in your home, designed to deliver cooling comfort on even the hottest of summer days. Your A/C system gets the job done year after year, but all of that hard work eventually takes a toll on its well-being. As a result, your A/C system might not cool your home as well as it did years ago, even after extensive repairs.

An A/C replacement may be in order if your current system struggles to keep your home cool. Common performance issues include tepid air output regardless of thermostat settings and hot spots in certain areas of the home.

2. The Latest Systems Are More Energy-Efficient

Today's air conditioning systems are more advanced than before, offering new technologies that help boost cooling efficiency while improving performance. Variable-speed technology lets air handlers operate at much lower RPMs than their single-speed predecessors, for instance, allowing quieter and more consistent fan operation that also consumes less energy.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, swapping out your old A/C system for a newer unit can lower your air conditioning costs by up to 40 percent, even if your current A/C unit is just a decade old. Replacing your current unit with a more energy-efficient model saves you not only energy but also long-term cooling costs.

3. Repairs Cost More Than Your Current System is Worth

If you find yourself throwing hundreds or even thousands of dollars at your air conditioner for repairs each year, then it's time to reconsider. While repairs often make sense for relatively new A/C systems, older units can easily turn into money pits. When the cost of repairing your old system exceeds the average cost of a new one, you should consider making a new A/C system your New Year's resolution.

4. Your Current System is Out of Warranty

Anything can happen to your air conditioning system, which makes having warranty coverage all the more important. Most A/C systems are covered under manufacturer's warranties lasting for a decade or more, with some units offering limited lifetime warranties on certain components. If there's a defect or any other issue that merits a warranty claim, the manufacturer's warranty covers the cost of parts.

Running an A/C system that's well outside of its warranty period can prove costly, especially if the unit needs repairs that are normally covered under warranty. A new air conditioner can help solve these problems.

5. Your Old A/C Unit Won't Make It Another Season

In the end, it doesn't matter how much you baby your current A/C system just to keep it going for yet another summer. Sooner or later, the specter of A/C failure will rear its ugly head, especially if you've been putting off A/C upgrades for years on end. If your A/C system is genuinely on its last legs, then you're better off buying a new system now instead of waiting until your current system breaks down.

Contact a local air conditioning service for more information on installing a new A/C system.