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caring for your air conditioning equipment

Common HVAC System Issues To Know About

by Amy Henry

Although an HVAC system is one of the most luxurious things to have in a house when it comes to fluctuating outside temperatures, it can cause frustration as well. For instance, many things can become problematic with an HVAC system that causes a homeowner the continuous need to spend money on repairs. In some cases, it is wiser to get a new system installed rather than making repairs, such as when you have an old system. 

The best way to find out if your system is worth repairing is to know what the problem might be, as well as get the opinion of a professional technician. Continue reading this article for information about HVAC system problems and how a professional might go about repairing them if a new system isn't needed.

An Odor Circulates in the Air 

Sometimes homeowners keep their HVAC off due to the odor that circulates in the air when it is on. When there is the problem of a foul odor, it usually stems from the ventilation system needing attention. The odor might actually be a minor problem that can be resolved by cleaning out the air ducts. A professional will likely want to take a deep look into all of the ducts to see if there is an accumulation of dirt. He or she will also look for the carcasses of rodents and similar pests that can be responsible for causing the odor.

The Heater Stopped Working

When the heater stops working, it is usually related to there being an issue with the furnace. A technician will likely check to ensure that the furnace is plugged into an electrical outlet, even if you have one that uses gas. He or she will also take a look at the electrical panel in your house in case a circuit breaker has tripped. The furnace pilot area will be inspected as well because a gas heater will stop working if the flame goes out. A technician can reignite the flame in no time if it is found to be the issue.

Air Doesn't Get Cold Enough

Low refrigerate is one of the issues that can arise that causes air to not get cold. Getting the system recalibrated is the best way to resolve such a problem. A damaged evaporator coil can also be related to the issue, which can be replaced. Keep in mind that getting the entire system cleaned by a professional can improve the coolness of the air as well.

For more information and assistance, contact your local HVAC services today.