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caring for your air conditioning equipment

Why You Need Commercial AC In Your Warehouse

by Amy Henry

Box fans and ceiling fans aren't enough to manage the temperatures and other air quality issues in your warehouse. Discover why you need to invest in commercial air conditioning for the safe operation of your company.


Commercial air conditioners work by filtering air through your warehouse via vents. These vents pull cold air from the large AC unit(s) and disperse it into the air. Ventilating your hot and stuffy warehouse is important for your employees and the inventory you have within the large facility.

Air Quality

Ceiling and box fans push the same stagnant air that is already in your facility around and do little to actually preserve air quality in your warehouse. Imagine the dust, debris, sawdust, chemical fumes, and other toxins flying in the air where your employees can breathe the putrid air? Even if your employees wear face masks and eye wear to protect themselves, the air filtration when you lack a commercial air conditioning is poor.

Air conditioners use built-in filters to clean air before it's brought into the facility and helps draw the polluted air out of your building. Use air conditioning units in addition to ceiling fans — along with open vents to the outdoors — to better manage air quality in your building.

Humidity Control

Air conditioners, along with the use of other fans, can help manage humidity that gets trapped in your warehouse by the exhaust of machines and running appliances. Since humidity levels can make the working space feel damp and overheated and can destroy inventory you are trying to protect, not to mention the risk of mold and mildew, it's important to use commercial air conditioners to keep humidity levels in check.

Temperature Control

The main reason for investing in a commercial air conditioning system is this: temperature control. Ceiling fans simply move air around without cooling it, offering little to no relief. Commercial air conditioners are temperature-controlled by the push of a button so you can determine how hot or cold a room needs to be in your warehouse.

A cooler atmosphere can make your employees more comfortable and productive. Furthermore, being able to use a cooling system that actually works makes your investment in energy costs worth it.

There are many commercial air conditioners on the market to meet your warehouse's square footage. Consult with an HVAC specialist like those at Dale and Lee's Service Inc before buying a commercial air conditioner so you know you are buying a unit sufficient enough to meet your cooling requirements.