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caring for your air conditioning equipment

Just A Little Cooler: How To Help Your AC Keep You Cool This Summer

by Amy Henry

Now that summer is here, things are going to be heating up. Whether you're dealing with 100 degree temperatures in Kansas City or 115 degrees in Palm Springs, you want your home to stay cool. Unfortunately, it's not always possible for your air conditioner to keep up with your constant demand for cool air. Before you get mad at your air conditioner, you might want to take a look around your house. Your lack of cool air might not be the fault of your air conditioner. If your home isn't getting as cool as you want it to, here are three steps you can take to fix the situation.

Start By Keeping The Heat Off Your Roof

When your roof isn't designed to provide cooling protection for your home, the sun can be absorbed right through the shingles. While your roof is busy absorbing the heat, your home is turning into a virtual oven. When that happens, your air conditioner won't be able to keep up, no matter how good it is. To stop the sun from being absorbed and heating up your home, you need to have your shingles sealed. Applying a layer of protective weather sealant will lock the heat out and keep your home cooler.

Reinforce Your Attic

If you haven't been in your attic on a hot day, you might not realize how much heat can actually come through to your attic. Not only does the heat come through from the roof, but it can also come up through the rest of your home. That's because the heat inside your home rises to the highest point, which is your attic. Unfortunately, that means your attic is getting a double dose of heat—the stuff that's absorbed from the sun and the stuff that's coming up from inside the house. If you don't have sufficient insulation and ventilation inside your attic, your air conditioner won't be able to effectively cool down your home. If you don't have fans in your attic, you should have them installed. If you can see the studs on the attic floor, you need more insulation.

Cool Down Your Air Conditioner

If your air conditioning unit is exposed to full sun during the day, it could be working overtime to cool your home down. To give your air conditioner a break, try cooling it down a bit. Begin by installing a shade screen around the air conditioner—but not too close, or you'll reduce air flow. Next, install exterior misters along the wall closest to your air conditioner. Finally, consider planting a few new trees in your yard.

If your air conditioner isn't quite cutting it this season, give it a break. Use the techniques provided here to help your AC do its job more effectively. If you continue to have problems, you should talk to an HVAC company like TCS Heating and Air about a replacement. Your current unit might not be big enough to cool down your home.