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caring for your air conditioning equipment

Avoid Plumbing Mishaps Associated With Your Preschooler's Interest In Water And Faucets

by Amy Henry

If your preschooler is inquisitive and lately has been watching in awe as you fill the bathtub with water or wash dishes after meals, you may be concerned about your child getting into mischief if they decide to turn on faucets without your knowledge. Avoid mishaps that include clogged drains, an overflowing tub or basin, or a water-related injury with the tips that follow. 

Discuss The Importance Of Safety

Speak to your child about some of the hazards associated with the improper use of household plumbing. Tell your child that you do not want them to turn on faucets because the tub or sink could fill up quickly and cause water to spill onto flooring or personal possessions, resulting in water damage. Explain that damage could occur to plumbing if small items, including food scraps or dirt particles, are rinsed down a drain.

Address the possibility of being scalded if hot water is turned on and comes into contact with your youngster's skin. Do not try to scare your child, but instead, speak assertively about water safety and answer any questions that your preschooler has.

Tell your child that it is alright for them to continue observing you while you turn on faucets so that they do not feel as if they are being reprimanded or scolded for their interest in water and plumbing.

Use Covers And Turn The Temperature Down

Purchase faucet covers from a hardware or plumbing supplier. Guards are often constructed of a soft, lightweight material and will prevent your child from turning on faucets if they didn't heed your advice in the previous section. Guards can be removed simply by unscrewing them, so you won't be inconvenienced each time that you would like to turn a faucet on in your home.

Check your home's water heater and turn down the thermostat if you currently have it adjusted to a high temperature. A lower temperature will prevent injuries and will ensure that your child's bathwater is safe for them to get into each day. 

Keep Plumbing Supplies On Hand

A commercial drain opener, plunger, and plumbing snake are some basic plumbing supplies that you should have on hand in case of a clogged pipe or drain. Store the plumbing supplies in a locked closet or cabinet so that your child does not have access to the items.

If you encounter a clog, attempt to eliminate it with the supplies. If you are unsuccessful, a plumbing contractor should be contacted so that you can receive assistance with the plumbing problem.