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caring for your air conditioning equipment

Three AC Mistakes That You May Be Making

by Amy Henry

No one wants their home's air conditioner to break down during a summer heat wave, but it's often simple homeowner mistakes that lead to AC problems. This doesn't have to be the case, though. By knowing the most common mistakes you can actively take steps to avoid them.

#1: Closing too many vents

It's common practice to close the vent and registers in rooms that aren't being used in an effort to save on cooling costs. Unfortunately, this can backfire. Your AC unit is sized to your home, so closing vents can cause it to burn out or freeze up as the square footage it is now cooling is reduced too far below it's prime capacity level.

You can usually close off one room with no concerns, just make sure it is only the floor vents that are closed and not the wall or ceiling return registers. These must remain open so that they can keep the air circulating into the unit. A better way to save money or energy is to invest in a programmable thermostat instead of closing registers.

#2: Not protecting the outside unit

The outside AC unit houses the compressor and the fan—the most vital components of your air conditioner. Allowing debris, such as fallen leaves, to collect against the side prevents air from circulating correctly through the unit. Other things that can damage it is plants growing too closely, rocks and other debris thrown against it by lawnmowers, or pets using it as a urinating spot.

Erecting a small barrier around the AC can help prevent these problems. Just make sure the barrier is set a couple of feet away so air can still circulate, and do not enclose the top. Lattice or picket fencing works well because air can flow through these barriers but they still provide some protection.

#3: Skipping an annual inspection

There are many parts to an AC unit that can wear out. Generally, if you notice one of these parts early, you can simply have the AC repaired. If you wait too long for a repair, though, you may end up having to replace part or all of your unit.

An annual inspection consists of a technician inspecting moving parts, like the fan and motor, as well as the sealed coolant unit and lines for any leaks. They will also check the compressor for problems, replace any belts that are wearing out, and verify that the wiring and electrical fuses and switches are still in good condition. Schedule inspections in spring before the cooling season, or in fall after you shut down the unit for the season.

For more help, contact an AC contractor in your area like All American Air & Electric, Inc.