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caring for your air conditioning equipment

Why The Installation Area Of Your New Air Conditioner Matters

by Amy Henry

A central AC installation is an applied science. It cannot be installed just anywhere around the base of your home. Selecting the correct location depends on a number of factors. Here is why the location matters so much.

Traveling over Distances

The outdoor unit and electrical connections should be placed as close to your forced air furnace as possible. This usually rules out one half of the area of your foundation. If your furnace is located toward the back of the house, then that is where your new air conditioner needs to go. Conversely, if the furnace is located toward the front of your home, then the back of the house is not where your unit will go.

Avoiding Heat-Generating Appliances

Just as you would not put a refrigerator next to a stove, you have to avoid putting an air conditioner near heat-generating appliances. In short, you would not want to install an air conditioner on the outside wall of a room where heat is a constant factor. For example, if you have a laundry room that is constantly washing and drying clothes, the heat produced by these machines would cause your air conditioner to kick in.

Then the A/C would run continuously to combat the heat it detects. If your laundry room is near the general area of the furnace, you may need to rule out this small area. The air conditioner would need to be installed on the opposite side of the house closest to the furnace.

Close to the Electrical Fuse Box

It is not necessary, but it is less expensive to install the air conditioner closest to the electrical fuse box in your home. Doing so decreases the amount of wire and cabling needed to connect the A/C to a power source. Less wire and cable means less money spent on these materials for the purpose of installing your A/C.

Away from Buried Electrical and Gas Lines

Finally, the air conditioner needs to be installed where it does not interfere with underground electrical and gas lines. If the above steps have really narrowed down where you can put the unit, this may narrow it down even more. You may even find that you have to make a compromise on one of the above criteria if you are going to get your air conditioner installed at all. An HVAC contractor, like Amc Cool Air, will inform you exactly where your unit will be installed.