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caring for your air conditioning equipment

A Few Tips For Caring For Your Boiler Heating System

by Amy Henry

Boiler systems are an extremely durable and efficient way of providing heat for your home's interior during the coldest days of the winter. However, a boiler system will have very different care needs compared to a traditional forced air heating system, and you must make sure that you are meeting its needs.

Care For Your Radiators

For a traditional boiler system, the radiators in the interior of the house will be essential for distributing the heat that is produced by the system. Failing to adequately care for the radiators can significantly reduce the performance of the boiler system in a number of ways. For example, if you allow large amounts of dust to gather on the radiators, it will act as insulation. Additionally, you will need to remove any excess air from the radiator system as this can prevent the heated water or steam from circulating through the radiators. Prior to activating your boiler system you should thoroughly clean the radiators and use the release valve to vent any air that is circulating.

Follow Maintenance Guidelines For The Boiler's Pump

In order to circulate the water and steam through the system, the boiler will use a strong pump. These pumps will need to be in use almost constantly during the winter months, and this can expose them to extreme wear and tear. Maintaining the boiler's pump will require you to regularly check its lubrication as low oil can contribute to the pump suffering extensive damage. Furthermore, you should inspect any belts for signs of them becoming frayed. These steps should be done in addition to having the system tuned-up by a professional at the start of the winter.

Protect Small Children Against Burns From The Boiler And Radiator

While a boiler can be an extremely effective and durable way of heating a home, it can represent a burn hazard. Small children can be particularly at risk of suffering burns as they may accidentally touch the radiators or boiler. If this occurs, they could suffer serious and painful burns, but you can help to avoid this problem through some simple tips. One of the most effective is to place specially designed bumpers on the radiators. These bumpers will prevent your child from being able to touch the radiators or boiler. However, you should only use materials that are specifically designed for this purpose. The surface of the radiators and boiler can get extremely hot, and these bumpers will be able to withstand this heat without being at risk of melting or catching on fire.

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