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caring for your air conditioning equipment

About Air Conditioning System Problems

by Amy Henry

Does your loud air conditioning system have to be on for a long time before cooling your house down to a comfortable temperature? You are dealing with two problems that are in need of attention. For example, you will need a diagnosis for why the system runs in a loud manner, as well as why you must run it for an unusual amount of time. The best way to pinpoint problems is with help from a professional air conditioning repair technician. Below, you will learn about some of the things that might be wrong with the system.

The System Runs Loudly

The main thing that should get attention in regards to your air conditioner running loudly is the air handling unit. Basically, there is a blower fan in the unit that might be responsible for the loudness. The reason why the fan might be the problem is because it might not spin in the proper manner. It is possible that the fan has been spinning too fast, which can cause an unusual amount of noise. A technician might need to tighten the fan up, or the blades might be damaged and causing the problem.

Cooling is a Long Process

Unless you have an air conditioning system that has always taken long to cool your house down, you should not be experiencing such a problem. It is possible that the problem arose from the system needing to be cleaned, such as the air ducts, coils, and the blower fan. However, you must also keep in mind that an air conditioner might take long to cool a house down when it is old and about to go out. A technician can take a look at some of the major parts of the system to determine if it is worth repairing or replacing any of them. He or she might end up recommending that you get a higher quality system installed in your house.

Energy Bills Are Unusually High

If your energy bills are abnormally high, it can be the result of the air conditioning system being inefficient, or there might be problems in your house. For example, if there are thin walls in your house that are not thoroughly insulated, it could cause the system to run inefficiently. Rather than making repairs to the system, you might need to get the walls insulated. If the system is the problem, start investing in occasional maintenance to make sure it is able to run at the fullest efficiency.

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