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caring for your air conditioning equipment

3 Things to Consider When Choosing AC Filters

by Amy Henry

Ideally, you should not rely on price when selecting a filter to use in your air conditioning (AC) system. There are other more important factors that will help you get the right filter, which differs from household to household. Here are three crucial parameters you need to consider:

Mode of Operation

Filters come in two basic modes of operation, which are electrostatic and mechanical modes of capture. The mechanical filters are meshes with small holes that allow air to flow through but trap particles bigger than those holes. Electrostatic filters, on the other hand, consist of a charged maze that attracts particles passing through them.

One problem with electrostatic filters is that they don't seem to handle bigger debris as well as mechanical filters; electrostatic filters are more suitable for handling smaller debris such as smoke particles.

Need for Replacement

Another thing to consider is whether you want to be able to wash your filters or change them regularly; both options are available. One of the advantages of washable filters is that they reduce your trips to the supplier for new filters; this is especially crucial for those who live off the grid and don't go to town often.

Another advantage is that they will save you money in the long run. However, they will only work for you if you clean them as directed. For example, reinstalling the filter when it isn't completely dry can encourage mold growth.

Targeted Particles

Another thing you should consider is the size of the debris you want the filter to trap; this will determine the size of the filters to buy. Here, the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) will help you choose the correct filter size to purchase. MERV values range from 1 to 16; the higher the MERV value the smaller the particles it can effectively trap. However, you should know that a high MERV isn't necessarily best for everybody.

Filters with extremely high MERV have tiny pores that interfere with efficient airflow, which make the AC to overwork and use more energy than necessary. Therefore, filters with the highest MERV ratings are only used in places where even the tiniest bacteria need to be trapped, such as hospitals.

Whichever filter you decide to install, you need to take care of it to maintain its efficiency. The permanent filters need to be regularly washed and the disposable ones need to be regularly replaced. Remember that filters don't replace the need for thorough vacuuming; too much debris in the air will affect your AC's efficiency. 

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