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caring for your air conditioning equipment

Air Conditioner Installation: Placement Matters

by Amy Henry

When installing an air conditioning system, it is important to ensure that the different parts of the system are placed in such a way as to ensure optimum performance. Here is what you should know about the relationship between where you place an air conditioner part and its performance.

Outside unit placement

The outside unit of an air conditioning system is responsible for cooling the liquid refrigerant. This is a process that is necessary so as to ensure that by the time the refrigerant reaches the evaporator coil, it is cold enough to effectively cool the air passing over the coil.

One of the ways through which the outside unit cools the refrigerant is by exposing it to the environment. It passes the hot refrigerant through coils that then expose the refrigerant to outside air. As a result, any heat in the refrigerant is then released. This process is usually facilitated by ensuring that there is sufficient airflow around the unit and in the coils.

If you place your outside unit in an enclosed place or in an area that has growths such as tall grass, the unit won't receive good air supply. This will then affect the rate at which the refrigerant loses heat. This will then affect its ability to cool air once it reaches the evaporator coil, something that leads to reduced air conditioner performance.

If you want to guarantee peak air conditioner performance, always ensure that your outside unit is placed in an open space. Any weeds or grass that grows next to the unit should also be trimmed.

Inside unit placement

The inside unit contains the condensate drainage system. This system is responsible for protecting the air conditioner and any nearby valuables from water damage. It does this by guiding the condensate, that forms at the evaporator coil area, away from the unit. The system is made up of a condensate drain pan that collects any condensate that drips off the evaporator coil. This helps prevent any spills in case there is a sudden on-rush of condensate.

If you place the inside unit in a slanting surface, this pan will tilt. As a result, the amount of water that it can hold at any given time will be reduced. This will then increase the chances of having air conditioner water leaks.

To protect your air conditioner and valuables from water damage, place the inside unit on a flat surface. This will ensure that the pan holds as much water as it should, something that will then guarantee the effectiveness of your system's condensate drainage system.